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Celestial Star Globe, Transparent
Celestial Star Globe, Transparent
Unique 12" diameter globe design gives visual reference to aid the astronomer'
conception of Earth in space. Shows constellations and many other cosmic phenomena
in 3-D format.

The Universal Celestial Globe is mounted in a full horizon and meridian base. Both the 12" star globe and 4" world globe may be rotated independently. The meridian may be tilted to adjust the globe for latitude while the horizon ring indicates the actual horizon in relation to the point of observation on Earth. The Sun may be set by adjusting the sun know located near the North Pole.

Nine different classroom activities using the Celestial Globe can easily be performed in a class period. Topics include: Using the Globe as a Sun Dial, your relationship to the Universe, Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, and Right Ascension and Declination.
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300 Celestial Star Globe

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