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Helios planetarium
Helios planetarium
  • An Orrery with a star dome and a working model of the planetary system

  • Designed to aid teaching of the planetary system and basic astronomy

  • On a circular base, model planets revolve at their correct relative speeds around a central sun, and the moon revolves around the Earth

  • Planets from Mercury to Saturn, can be positioned for any year of month by means of the degree scale around the base

  • The star domes, one for the northern and one for the southern hemisphere, illustrate the positions of the stars and constellations; lines of right ascension and declination; the ecliptic and the celestial equator

  • Supplied with textbook that covers the planets and their orbits; the moon and its phases; eclipses; the time - solar; sidereal and GMT; the ecliptic and zodiacal constellations; the planets and how they appear to move; day and night; the seasons; tides

  • Requires mains transformer (included), or 4 x 7.5V batteries (BMT - 690-130X, pack of 2 (Not included)

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Helios planetarium

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