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Digital Waterbath
Digital Waterbath

These water baths provide a stable temperature environment ideal for meeting quality control requirements. Featuring digital PID temperature control with Smart Technology for Adaptive control for accurate working temperatures. Also featuring auto alarm settings, illuminated on/off switch, heater and over and under temperature indications.

Every water bath undergoes a factory calibration check, each filled with water, then at two reference temperatures we validate the bath achieves these settings with reference to a UKAS calibrated measuring system - giving you total confidence in use.

Temperature control - accurately controlled and set values reproduce able every time using advanced PID control.

  • Temperature display.
  • Temperature control features constant running "Adaptive tuning" to constantly refine the control liquid temperature at set point..
  • Clearly visible LED display suiting all lighting conditions.
  • Digital LED display to 0.1°C resolution.
  • Temperature range ambient +5°C - 99°C.
  • Sensitivity ±0.2°C.
  • Uniformity ±0.1°C.
  • Over temperature alarm automatically set at +4°C above set point, with heater cut off.
  • Actual water bath liquid temperature always displayed for complete assurance.
  • Settings retained in memory.
Clearly visible bright status indicators
  • Indication of heating and over temperature alarm.
  • Heating element, safety cut-out and temperature sensors concealed underneath tank providing a totally clear 'clutter free' working area and easy to clean.
  • The heating footprint covers underside base of the tank, its low mass provides rapid energy transfer; quicker heat up times and a reduction in energy consumption with improved temperature uniformity as heat is spread over a broad area.
Stainless steel perforated false base
  • Removable
  • Clifton "Low Height" shelf maximizing working height in tank.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel working environment.
  • Stainless steel 304 spec bath contained within a sturdy body.
  • Body being durable construction with powder paint finish having good chemical and detergent resistance.
  • Now featuring an “Anti-bacterial paint finish” that inhibits the growth of bacteria - more details in "Features and Benefits" below.
  • Featuring easy to "wipe clean" control panel also featuring good chemical and detergent resistance.
Carries the CE mark meeting the requirements of Low Voltage and EMC Directives.  
Order No.
Capacity L Internal Dims (mm) Overall Dims Heater, Watts Voltage
NE2-4D 4 300Wx150Dx150H 332Wx185Dx290H 400W 230V
NE2-8D 8 300Wx240Dx150H 332Wx270Dx290H 800W 230V
NE2-14D 14 325Wx300Dx150H 361Wx332Dx290H 1000W 230V
NE2-22D 22 500Wx300Dx150H 538Wx332Dx290H 1500W 230V
NE2-28D 28 500Wx300Dx200H 538Wx332Dx290H 1500W 230V

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