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Water bath
Water bath<

The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes and two performance classes. In addition to the Basic class for standard temperature control tasks,
Temperature range up to +95 °C (with Peltier cooling unit CDP 115 from +10 °C)

  • 6 model sizes (7l to 45l)
  • An extensive range of optional accessories is available: e.g. a Peltier cooling unit, flat or gable lid, shaking device, floor grid, test tube rack
  • State-of-the-art control technology of the Basic and Excellent performance classes for all models
  • Can be optionally equipped with water level control

Heating concept with dual benefits

The superior heating concept of the Memmert ovens can also be found in the waterbaths. Protected from water, but still close to the load, the heating lies under deep-drawn and easy to clean ribs. The heating elements can therefore neither corrode nor become furred. Through their positioning in the floor and side walls, a natural mixing of the temperature control fluid arises, providing better temperature distribution in the bath. 


  • microprocessor PID-temperature controller with integrated autodiagnostic system with fault indicator
  • solid state switching unit
  • one Pt100 sensor class A in 4-wire-circuit
  • integrated digital timer from 1 min. to 99,59 hours for:
    ON continuous operation
    WAIT (delayed on for continuous and limited timed operation)
  • digital display (LED) of set and actual temperature (0,1 °C resolution) and of (remaining) programme time
  • LEDs for indication of programme status

Overtemperature protection (double)

  • in case of overtemperature due to failure, the heating is switched off at approx. 10 °C above the set temperature (fixed value)
  • mechanical temperature limiter TB protection class 1 switching the heating off at approx. 30 °C above max. temperature of the bath

Stainless steel – a waterbath (almost) for ever

60 years of permanent development work, as well as numerous amounts of feedback from practical experience, are embodied in each of our appliances

Model No.:                                                                  Description                                     
WNB 7  7 Lite
WNB 10 10 Lite
WNB 14 14 Lite
WNB 22 22 Lite
WNB 29 29 Lite
WNB 45 45 Lite

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