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Microcentrifuge, Technico Mini
Microcentrifuge, Technico Mini
•    Ideal for microfiltration and quick spins
•    Maximum speed/RCF 6,000rpm/2,000xg
•    Convenient on/off safety switch
•    Durable lid hinge
•    Compact design, small footprint
•    Complete with interchangeable rotors for microtubes and PCR* strips

Each centrifuge is supplied complete with a rotor for standard microtubes and adapters for smaller tubes as well as a rotor for PCR* strips and individual 0.2mL tubes. Operation is extremely simple - just close the lid and the rotor accelerates quickly to 6,000rpm. Pressing the tab on the front of the unit slows down the rotor to a quick stop and releases the lid lock. Alternatively, the power switch can be used to start and stop operation.

*Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a process covered by patents owned by Hoffman-La Roche

Model No.

Microcentrifuge, Techinico, Mini

Capacity 6 x 1.5ml / 2ml tubes or 2 x 0.2ml strip tubes
Speed, max., rpm 6,000
RCF, x g (max.) 2,000
Dimensions (W x D x H), mm 153 x 153 x 102
Mass, kg 0.9
Electrical Supply 230V, 50/60Hz

- 1.5ml / 2ml rotor
- Strip tube rotor
- 0.5ml and 0.4ml adapters
- Blue lid

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