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Stirrers, 16x16cm, Analogue
Stirrers, 16x16cm, Analogue
Choice of robust stainless steel or chemically resistant ceramic tops
Spillproof design which helps deflect spills away from the controls and the user
Powerful magnets for strong stirring action

Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speed up to 1500rpm and volumes up to 15 litres *.

Model CB161 has a glass ceramic top which has excellent chemical resistance. The chemical properties make the surface very easy to keep clean. The white surface ensures good visibility of colour changes, during titration for example.

Model SB161 has a robust stainless steel top plate that does not produce eddy currents like aluminium and so ensures a very powerful coupling and stirring action.

  CB161 SB161
Plate material Glass ceramic Stainless steel
Plate dimensions, mm 160 x 160 160 x 160
Stirrer speed, rpm 100 to 1500 100 - 1500
Max. stirring capacity, litres 15 15
Overall dimensions (w x d x h) 190 x 300 x 110 190 x 300 x 110
Net weight, kg 3.2 3.2
Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz, 50W 230V,50Hz, 50W
Model No. Description
CB161 Stirrer, ceramic plate
SB161 Stirrer, stainless steel plate

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