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Water Deionizer
Water Deionizer

Produce your own high-purity water, simple, less expensive, and only the amounts you need! For laboratories, for doctor's and dentist's practices!

TKA has developed new water demineralizers made of plastic cartridges, pressure resistant and of high capacity. For daily water amounts from 10 l - 50 l.

The TKA demineralizer offers the following major benefits:

  • Economy
    An efficient water flow-path system guarantees optimized utilization of the resins.
  •  Quality
    Constant good water quality. No loss of quality by storage.
  • Increased capacity
    Contains more resin. Can be used longer and serves only the amounts you need.
  • Cleaner instruments
    The very high purity of the water avoids streaks or stains on instruments, and also prevents corrosion (pitting).
  • Cartridge disposal
    Because of the use of highest quality resins a nearly unlimited regeneration of the cartridges is ensured.
  • Conductivity meter
    The conductivity meter can be used with the pressure resistant cartridges as well


TKA mixed bed DI 750
ion exchange systems plastic cartridges non-pressure 
Flow rate 100 l/h
Capacity at 10° TDS* 750 l
Pure water quality 0,1 – 20 µS/cm
Water temperature, max. 30° C
Power supply 110 or 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Material Polyamide
Dim. (Diameter x Height) 175 x 465 mm**
Water supply R 3/4"
Weight app. 7 kg
Article No. 1.1705
Replacement cartridge 1.175

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