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Economic Autoclaves
Economic Autoclaves

HIRAYAMA (HMC) is a manufacturer of autoclave, sterilizer, etc. HIRAYAMA's autoclaves are widely used in Research/ Inspection Laboratories, Governmental and Municipal Offices, Universities, Hospitals, Clinics and Industries (Research and Quality Control for Pharmaceutical, Foods, Electronics, Electric, Materials etc.)

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Meet the requirements of Hong Kong Labour Department (1 yr exemption certificate included),
No license is required for


HVE & HVA Series Economic Autoclaves
  • Economic autoclave based on unique features of HV series
  • Electromechanical lock system (patent pending)
  • Dual-sensing interlock mechanism
  • Pulse Exhaust System
  • Memory function (Program your own)
  • Space-saving design
  • Process status display
  • Meet the requirements of Hong Kong Labour Department
  • Specification
    Model Effective Capacity Chamber Size
    (dia. x D mm)
    Outer Dimensions
    (W x H x D mm)
    Max Steril. Temp.
    Process Mode Net Weight
    HVE-50 50L 300 x 710 510 x 1040 x 530 135 3 modes 57
    HVA-85* 85L 420 x 615 660 x 1000 x 650 123 3 modes 78
    HVA-110* 110L 420 x 795 660 x 1180 x 650 123 3 modes 85

    * HVA Series with forced cooling fan built-in as standard

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