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Last Updated: 17 August, 2011
Index by Category
1 Microscope and Digital Microscope
2 Multifunctional CCD camera
3 Microscope accessories
4 Electronic Balances
5 Spectrophotometers
6 Overhead Projectors
7 Centrifuges
8 Oscilloscopes
9 Digital Voltmeters and Digital Ammeters
10 Grade "A" Voltmeters, Ammeters and Galvanometers
11 Grade "B" Voltmeters, Ammeters and Galvanometers
12 Student Dual Amp/Volt Meter and Digital Multimeter
13 Optical Products : Prisms, Lens, Mirror, etc
14 Ray Box & Accessories Set
15 Hand Spectroscope, Pocket Microscope & Magnifiers
16 Magnets Products
17 Spring Balance
18 Measurement Apparatus
19 Pulleys
20 Slotted Weight & Hanger, Hook Weight Set, Metric Weight Set
21 Hydrometer, Bulb Holder, Lamp Sockets/Holder, Density Bottle & Calorimeter
22 Thermometers and Hygrometers
23 Stopwatch, Timer, Hand Counter
24 Mechanical Timer, Stock Clock, Plastic Knife Switch Clincical Thermometer & Glass Tubing Cutter
25 Blood Pressure Set, Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, Compass, Hall¡¦s Carriage, Magetic Needle On Stand, Ball & Ring, Tunning Fork , Newton Disc
26 Inclined Plane & Friction Board
27 Magnetic Field Experiment, Magnetic Line of Force, Coils, AC/DC Generator, Winshurt Machine
28 Van De Graff Electrostatic Generator, Solar Cell Demonstrator, Ripple Tank, Bell in Vacuum, Power Supply
29 Sliding Rheostats, Air Track, Digital Controlled Counter, Free Falling Instrument
30 Force Table and Electronic Experiment Kit
31 Three Beams Balance, Single and Two Pans Balance, Electronic Scale & Bathroom Scale
32 General Laboratory Metalwares, etc
33 Pocket Size PH-Meter
34 Filter Paper and Lens Tissue Paper, Microscope Glass Slides & Cover Glass
35 Hand Microtome, Knife for Hand Microtome, Insect Net & Sorting Sieves Set
36 Microscope Slide Box & Safety Goggles
37 Laboratory Jack, Alcohol Burner & Tripod Stand
38 Glassware
39 Laboratory Porcelain Wares
40 Alligator Clips & Banana Plugs
41 Laboratory Thermometers & Specimens of Rocks, Minerals and Soils
42 Anatomy & Biological Models
43 Handheld Refractometers, Pipette Filler, Tips and Rack
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