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Visible Spectrophotometer
Visible Spectrophotometer


  • Simple menu driven software
  • Wavelength scan, kinetics and standard curve functionality with full graphics
  • Comprehensive 99 method storage
  • Grafico PC utility software & cable supplied as standard


The S1200 Spectrawave visible diode array spectrophotometer has been designed to meet the routine spectroscopy needs of customers requiring a small, light weight instrument that is easy to use. The benefits of diode array technology include the facts that as there are no moving parts there is both high reliability and low maintenance; also, since the sample compartment is open, there is no restriction on the height of test tubes that can be inserted. Compared to equivalent units on the market, the S1200 offers so much more; ideal for use in educational, biotech or industrial establishments, the S1200 measures absorbance, % transmission, absorbance ratio and concentration. The large backlit graphical display enables avelength scans, kinetic assays (including slope calculation) and standard curves to be viewed. The instrument is delivered with Grafico, a PC utility software package, and the requisite serial lead, providing the user with the means to capture, print and store data from the instrument onto a PC so that a results log may be built up or data exported to Excel. Alternatively graphics may be printed to either the S1000P or the industry standard Seiko DPU-414 printer for a permanent record plus kinetics data may be output to chart recorder. The S1200 accepts standard 10mm pathlength glass or plastic cuvettes; a test tube adapter set is available, and this enables COD measurements to be made using standard 16mm diameter test tubes. The cell holder can be removed for cleaning. Another version of the instrument, the WPA S1200T, is available which has a factory fitted electrically heated cell holder for thermostatted measurements at 37 °C.

Specification Data
Lamp Source Tungsten 
Optical System Diode Array 
Wavelength Range 330-800nm 
Bandwidth 7nm 
Absorbance Range -0.3 to 2.5A 
Stray Light <1%T at 340nm 
Weight 2Kg 
Order No.
80-3003-58 Visible Spectrophotometer

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