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Shaking Water Bath
Shaking Water Bath

Compact bench top shaking water bath, designed and constructed for ease of use, for demanding temperature applications and importantly carrying a number of safety features.

The stable temperature environment, ideal for incubations, features digital PID temperature control with Smart Technology for Adaptive temperature control to maintain accurate working temperatures. Also featuring auto alarm settings, illuminated on/off switch, heater, timer, set temperature and over and under temperature indications.

Designed primarily around reliable and intrinsically safe temperature and speed control systems built into the durable powder painted Clifton body. The bath uses a deep drawn pressing with rounded corners manufactured from stainless steel produces the ideal environment for day-to-day use and can be easily cleaned.

Inside the bath connected to shaker drive an improved reciprocating stainless trolley, which accepts a perforated clip tray now fitted with lift out handles making it easy to lift in and out, where a wide variety of accessory clip combinations for flasks, micro-titre plates or test tube racks can be fitted. Further accessory Perforated Clip Trays allow easy inter-changing and removal of incubated samples.

Control options

  • Temperature control only
  • Temperature and time
Temperature control - accurately controlled and set values reproduce able every time using advanced PID control.
  • Digital PID temperature control displaying set and actual liquid temperatures simultaneously
  • Time or temperature display.
  • Temperature digital PID adaptive control, providing instant control from start up, automatically adjusting its control values with actual temperature readings until it achieves set temperature
  • Features menu driven data entry, with touch pad buttons to enter temperature or time values, retained in memory for repeatability.
  • Clearly visible LED display suiting all lighting conditions
  • Display resolution digital LED/0.1°C
  • Temperature range ambient +5°C - 99°C
  • Sensitivity @45°C is ±0.1°C
  • Over temperature alarm automatically set +4°C with heater cut off
  • Highly accurate PT100 sensor with the added advantage of it being immersed in the water.
  • Can be ordered with an accessory NE-RS, a RS232 interface for continuous recording of actual water temperatures in the bath.
Clearly visible bright status indicators
  • Indication of heating, over temperature alarm, timer and setting set points.
Shaking system
  • Variable linear shaking from 0 to 380 strokes/min
  • Stroke length (amplitude) fixed to 20mm
  • Quiet in use
Timer function
  • Display resolution 1 minute
  • Setting variable 0 - 999 minutes
  • Time cycle - activated @ set point 2
  • Cycle end with audible buzzer and "end" message

Model No. NE5-10D
Tank, immersed components : Tank = 304 spec (18/8) stainless steel. Trolley = stainless steel/Teflon. Shaking arm = stainless steel/teflon/rubber. 
Internal Dimensions : 242w x 300d x 200h mm
External Dimensions : 451w x 332d x 290h mm
Temperature Range : Ambient + 5°C - 99°C
Sensitivity/temperature stability @45°C : ±0.1°C
Uniformity @45°C : ±0.1°C
Temperature setting/control : PID control with digital display of set and actual temperatures. Set point temperature is adjusted by pressing either up or down buttons.
Temperature display resolution : Display of set and actual temperatures in increments of 0.1°C
Heater Power (W) @ 220-240V : 800
Power consumption (W) @ 220-240V: 850
Voltage : 230V
Packed Weight : 14.5 kg

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