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Mechanics in Physics experiment pack- Trolley Pack
Mechanics in Physics experiment pack- Trolley PackMechanics experiment pack STE pack, topics include movement speed acceleration oscillation, includes teaching notes and CD-ROM an extension to introductory mechanics experiment

Equipment List:

  • Track and Optical bench. Speical profile aluminium, silk screen printed with graduations in mm, 2 parts each 5m with jointing connector. One end fitted with hole and set screw for making accelerated movements or inclined plane. Other end with hole and set screw for metal rod for dynamics experiments.

  • Low friction pulley on metal rod

  • 2X low friction trolley; Mass 50g each, with holder for slotted weights.

  • 4x slotted weight 50g; 3x slotted weight 10g; holder for slotted weights 10g

  • Buffer spring, stackable onto trolleys; Flat spring for 2 trolleys.

  • Trolley with motor, battery driven for uniform motion experiments fitted with on/off switch and 2 speed selection switch.

  • Ticker tape timer, 12VAC with on/off switch and 10ms or 100ms dot period selection. Metal paper for ticker tape timer 30m roll for use with EKR-420-010D.

  • Motor with toggle for oscillation experiments in housing with 2x 4mm sockets, mounted on 10mm rod used for transverse and longitudinal wave experiments in combination with 3N/m spring or rubber string

  • Rubber string 3m

  • Flat sprinf hardened steel 300x25x0.6mm

  • Pen holder for damped oscillation experiments

  • Threaded rod with butterfly nuts for fixing slotted weights to the flat spring

  • Steel spring coiled 3N with looped ends.

  • Steel spring coiled 20N/m with looper ends

  • Rod 60mmx10mm nickel plated steel

  • Measuring tape 3m in plastic housing

  • Storage box insert, pre fitted. Outer plastic box with cover and plan for storage of all components

  • Teaching notes on CD-ROM

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Mechanics in Physics experiment pack

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