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Descriptation of unit
The CFC-free thermostatically controlled incubators from Lovibond® are designed to ensure continous temperature control in a wide range of applications, such as:
  • 20 °C BOD determination
  • 4 °C storage of waste water sample
  • 25 °C enzyme activity (TTC-test)
  • 37 °C colony count

The maintenance-free cabinets are suitable for reliable temperature control in a liquid sample over the range of 2 to 40°C (± 0.1°C).

Temperature control unit

The temperature control unit is available as a seperate retrofit component for refrigerators without a freezer compartement.

The control range extends from or 2°C to 40°C in 1°C steps. The control unit is supplied ready for connection. 230 V / 50 Hz. Order Code 2 42 58 67

Technical Data

Design:                                                          Fully insulated cabinet with uni-versal temperature control unit

Models with glass door:                             insulating glass door in an aluminium frame

Operation:                                                     Water-proof film front, 2 buttons with tactile feedback

Control range:                                              + 2 to + 40°C, steps of 0.1°C

Temperature tolerance:                             20°C, ± 1.0 °C

Climate Class:                                             10°C - 32°C

Ambient Temperature:                               10°C - 35°C

Display:                                                          actual and target value, 3 digits, resolution 0.1°C

Fan:                                                                 radial, output 320 m3/h

Power supply:                                               230 V / 50 Hz

EMV interference signal:                            EN 50 081-1

EMV interference resistance:                    EN 50 081-1, EN 50 082-2

Approval:                                                       CE 

                                                    Product Order# 



Model With standard door
ET 618-4, type 180
3 metal racks + 1 bottom grid
I. D. (approx.): 515 D x 430 W x 700 H mm
Net capacity: approx. 135 L
O. D. (approx.):
600 D x 600 W x 850 H mm with work top
600 D x 600 W x 820 H mm without work top
Suitable for built under applications
Weight: approx. 39.0 kg
Order code: 2 42 82 00


Model With Glass door
ET 619-4, Typ 180
3 metal racks + 1 bottom grid
I. D. (approx.): 515 D x 443 W x 700 H mm
Net capacity: approx. 140 L
O. D. (approx.): 600 D x 600 W x 885 H mm
Weight: approx. 50.0 kg
Order code: 2 42 82 10

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