TOWA manufacture puncture tester and electrical testing instruments.


TAM5510A / TAM5510D / TAM5511A Puncture Tester
  • Puncture testers of TAM-500 Series use breaker and alarm to assure handling safety. A time and breaker is built-in. Push button switches are provided for easy operation
Cut Off Current 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 mA
Over Current Protector Breaker, Alarm and Lamp (Red)
Meter Class 2.5
Dimensions & Weight 282(W) x 233(H) x 282(D) mm Approx. 12kg
490(W) x 220(H) x 340(D) mm Approx. 26kg

Model no.
TAM5510D TAM5511A
Test Voltage 5kV
Output Power 10mA
Timer No No Yes
AC Yes No Yes
AC / DC No Yes No
Leak Current Meter No No No


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