SCIE-PLAS manufacture and sell a full range of Electrophoresis Products, Horizontal and Vertical Gel Units, together with all the appropriate peripherals.


Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Units - Fast Minigel

This Fast Mini Horizontal Gel Unit is designed for routine electrophoresis. Its ultra-compact size requires the use of minimum buffer volumes. The gel is cast directly in the unit, with the casting gates in place. To run the system, the gates are simply removed. Its compact size allows the complete UV-transparent unit to be easily placed on a transilluminator for gel visualisation.

  • Compact size
  • Low buffer volumes
  • Gels cast directly in the unit
  • Whole unit can be placed on UV transilluminator
  • Robust UV-transparent acrylic construction
  • Dual comb slot


Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Units - Mini Horizontal

Mini Horizontal Gel Units are ideal for routine rapid electrophoresis. They feature a removable UV-transparent gel casting tray, with end gaskets which allows the gel to be cast directly in the running tank. Extra gels can be cast using an additional gel casting unit.

  • Compact size
  • Low buffer volumes
  • Ideal for rapid electrophoresis

Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Units - Dual Cooled Vertical Series
  • Run two gels simultaneously
  • Cooling to prevent distortion and 'smiling' gels
  • User-friendly, plate clamping system
  • Recessed power connectors integral with the safety lid
  • Gel casting system for rapid set up
  • Compatible format with the EB10 and V10-SDB Blotting Units, shown here
  • Heated model for the detection of single base changes and polymorphisms in genomic cloned and amplified DNA fragments
    Gels cast directly in Central Running Module - no removal of plates necessary
  • Simple assembly
  • User replaceable silicone seals
  • Solid acrylic construction

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