SCIENCETECH was formed in 1985 to serve the optical instrumentation market specifically in area of spectroscopic instrument design. They have designed hundreds of instruments with application in medicine, materials research, industrial processes, and space science.


High Resolution Monohromator 9040
  • The Sciencetech 9040, half-meter high resolution monochromator is a precision Czerny-Turner design, available with manual and motorized scanning capability.
Optical System Computer Optimized Czerny-Turner configuration
Drive Manual and computer controlled sine drive
Number of Gratings 1 with kinematics mount
Grating Size 84 mm square, 64 mm square, 55 mm square
Focal Length Input: 500 mm, Output: 550 mm
Spectral Range 0 - 1200 nm
Aperture f/5.2 (square 84 mm grating)
f/6.9 (square 64 mm grating)
f/8.7 (square 55 mm grating)
f/4.5 or better
Resolution For f/6.9 operation and 10£gm slits:
better than 0.12 nm with 600 l/mm grating
better than 0.06 nm with 1200 l/mm grating
better than 0.02 nm with 3600 l/mm grating
Dispersion 1,53 nm/mm
Slit Standard straight bilaterally adjustable from 0 to 20 mm and 10£gm to 3 mm
Wavelength Reproducibility ±0.025 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.05nm
Manual Readout Factory calibrated for 1200 l/mm gratings:
0 to 1000 nm with 0.02 nm minimum division
Scanning Mechanisms Precision sine drive system includes:
mechanical counter that reads wavelengths in 0.02 nm increments
Stepping motor drive system with micro-stepping and microprocessor control.
RS232 communication and software
Dimensions 71 cm x 38 cm x 26 cm
Weight 35 kg
All specifications are for 1200 l/mm grating, except where stated otherwise.


Arc Light Source
Arc lamps are very strong sources of ultraviolet and visible light. They are excellent point sources of high brightness due to their small arcs. This feature makes arc sources a good choice when precise collimation is required. Arc light sources are also good choices for fiber optic applications, which require high intensity light focused on a very small point.

Sciencetech arc lamp systems are offered in two ranges:

  • arc lamps up to 200 W
  • arc lamps from 250 W to 1.5 kW

Sciencetech arc lamp systems allow the use of Xenon, Mercury and Mercury-Xenon arc lamps. The arc lamps can be operated in two types of housing, which differ in the condensing system :

  • wrap around ellipsoidal reflector
  • refractive condensers


FB-MH-5 Metal Halide Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Model FB-MH-5 from Sciencetech is an illuminator designed for fiber optic applications. It has been specially designed for applications where a high throughput of visible light is required in a fiber.
Power Supply
Input Voltage 90-132 VAC/180-265 VAC
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz AC
Output Waveshape square wave
Output Frequency 300 Hz ±10%
Output Power Regulation <5%
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C
Maximum Ignition <= 2 sec.
Metal Halide Lamp
Lamp Power 270 W
Lamp Voltage 45 V
Lamp Current 6 Amps
Color Temperature 5600 K
Mounting Distance 32 mm
Average Lifetime 250 hours
Permissible Fiber Bundle Size: 3 to 5 mm diameter


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