DTR instrument is a one-trip, no return, temperature recorder, specifically designed to monitor sensitive or temperature controlled commodities during transport. DTR produces a continuous strip-chart monitoring temperature and timefrom shipper to receiver.


Single Use Temperature Recorder


  • Dependability - the instrument is spring powered and performance tested and adjusted to close to tolerances during a test-run.
  • Tamper Proofing - the instruments are welded together at the factory and will not function if open. these DTR exclusive features prvide records with highest level of credibility.
  • Convenience - the disposable features of DTR relieves receivers of returning instruments and eliminates foreign receivers from the need to file custom report.
  • Verification - calibration is availible upon request
Record Time
7 Days
14 Days
30 Days
60 Days
Temperature Range -10F to +100F (-25C to 38C)
Accuracy +/- 2F
+/- 1C
Size 15.88cm x 9.70cm x 3.80cm
Unit Weight 7.75oz. (220grams)
Carton Lot 20 Units
Carton Weight 11lbs. (4.98kg)



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