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3B is a company with experience in manufacturing anatomical models dating back to 1819. The models are mostly hand-made, printed and detailed by skilled, trained artisans and designed to provide years of functionality and satisfaction. 3B's products include a wide range of skeletons, anatomical models, medical simulators, anatomical charts, etc.


B13 / B12 (Without Head) Unisex Torsos


  • The most popular school torsos
  • 13 parts - removable head (skull and brain exposed on one side, removable eyeball with optic nerve), 2 lungs, heart (2-part), stomach, liver with gall bladder, the whole intestine system with pancreas and removable cecum flap (2-part), front kidney half, front bladder half.
  • Parts numbered
  • Dimensions / Weight (B13): 87x38x25cm /5.8kg
  • Dimensions / Weight (B12): 70x38x25cm /5.2kg
B30 / B29 (Without Head) All-In-One-Torsos


  • Daul Sex Torso with pregnancy insert
  • 24 parts - Removable head (nose and mouth cavity, pharynx and skull base exposed on one side; removable brain half with arteries, eyeball with optic nerve), female breast covering (with skin, musculature, mammary gland and rib junctions), 2 lungs, heart (2-part), stomach (2-part) liver with gall bladder, small intestine system, large intestine system and pancreas sand, removable transverse colon and cecum flap, front kidney half, female genital insert with removable embryo (3-part), male genital insert with removable penis (4-part)
  • Parts numbered
  • Dimensions / Weight (B30): 87x38x25cm / 7.7kg
  • Dimensions / Weight (B29): 70x38x25cm / 6.8kg
C17 Human Brain Models


  • A very detailed model of the human brain
  • 8 parts - Both halves can be disassembled into frontal with parietal lobes, temporal with occipital lobes, half of brain stem, as well as half of cerebellum
  • Delivered on removable base
  • Dimensions: 14x16x14cm
G13 Heart Model with Detailed Esophagus, Aorta and Windpipe


  • 2 times full-size
  • 5 parts
  • This deluxe heart model shows the upper section of the esophagus ans ascending aorta as well as the windpipe down to the bifurcation. The atrium walls and the front heart wall are removable.
  • Delivered on removable stand
  • Dimensions: 32x18x18cm
G15 Deluxe Lung Models


  • Deluxe lung
  • Full-size
  • 7 parts - larynx (2-part removable), wind pipe with bronchial tree, heart (2-part removable), subclavial artery and vein, vena cava, arta, pulmonary artery, esophagus, 2 lungs (front halves removable) and diaphragm
  • Delivered on baseboard
  • Dimensions: 31x41x12cm
H10 / H11 Pelvic Organs Models

  • Median section
  • Delivered on baseboard

    H10 Female Pelvis
  • One half of female genital organs with bladder and rectum is removable, one half is shown at the normal position in the female pelvis
  • Dimensions: 41x31x20cm

    H11 male Pelvis
  • One half of the male genital organs with bladder and rectum is removable, the other half is show at the normal position in the male pelvis.
  • Dimensions: 41x31x17cm
K11 Urinary System Models


  • Kidney, Nephrons and Blood Vessels, Renal Corpuscl
  • Models are mounted on one baseboard
  • Dimensions: 29x52x9cm
  • Kidney Section: 3 times full-size, respresentative of renal corpuscles, tubules, medulla, calyx system and pelvis as well as blood vessels and upper portion of ureter.
  • Nephrons and Blood Vessels: 120 times full-size, highly detailed model represents a section through renal cortex and medulla. The relief model shows the renal corpuscles with proximal and distal convoluted tubules, loops of Henle and collecting tubules as well as blood vessels.
  • Malpighian Corpuscle of Kidney: 700 times full-size, representation if and open Malpighian corpuscle with glomerulus and Bowman's capsule
F11 Giant Eye Models


  • 5 times full-size
  • 7 parts - the upper half of the sclera with cornea and eye muscle attachments, both halves of choroid with iris and retina, lens and vitreous humour are removable
  • Dimensions: 18x18x20cm
E10 Standard Left Ear Models


  • 3 times full-size
  • 4 parts - representation of outer, middle and inner ear. Removable tympanic membrane with malleus and incus as well as labyrinth with stapes, cochlea and vestibulocochlear nerve (2-part)
  • On base
  • Dimensions: 34x16x19cm
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